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Attractions: Lagoon

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Private tour to Kruja & Lezha

Kruja tour is one of the most popular excursions in Tirana. Definitely, an experience you can´t miss!
Enjoy a tour through time and discover the rich history of Krujë, a small city situated approximately 31 kilometers north of Tirana, Kruja has been populated since the 3rd century B.C.
Discover the city of the national hero, Skanderbeg, who in the 15th century made Kruja a bastion of uncompromising resistance against the Ottoman.
During this tour you will explore the ancient Castle of Kruja which date back to the fifth and sixth centuries A.D. then you will visit Skanderbeg Museum situated inside the castle walls. After that you will be given free time to walk around The Old Bazaar of Kruja which dates to the 17th century.
The tour continues to Patok Lagoon on the Adriatic Sea, you will enjoy a fresh fish lunch in this pretty quiet oasis. After the lunch we drive to Lezha to visit the Skenderbeg Grave and Lezha Castle. then we drive back to your hotel.

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