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Mosaic of Butrint Baptistery
A rare combination of pristine archaeology and natural beauty, Butrint is situated on a hill overlooking the sparkling waters of the Vivari Channel. Butrint is a microcosm of Mediterranean history. Being inhabited since prehistoric times, the site has hosted a Chaonian Greek city, a Roman Colony, and was later a bishopric controlled by the Byzantines, and even later, though briefly, by the Venetians. The city was abandoned in the late middle ages after a major earthquake flooded the area. This archaeological site contains a variety of ruins representing each period in the city’s development. Visitors can view a well-preserved Greek theater, and the beautiful mosaic floor of the ancient Christian baptistery, adapted from an ancient Roman monument.
The highlight is surely the fourth century theatre that can sit roughly 1,500 people. Each summer you can see wonderful performances there. There’s also a 6th century baptisry with colourful mosaics and a basilica. Near the theatre are Roman homes surrounded by courtyards and imposing walls. There’s a museum on site where many of the objects are displayed.