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Butrinti National Park

Butrinti Baptistery Mosaic
The archaeological site of Butrint is located within the Butrint National Park. The importance of Butrint to Albania’s cultural heritage was first recognized in 1948 when it became a “site of historical importance.”.
Butrint, ancient Buthrotum, a port from Hellenistic to Ottoman times, since 1992 is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in south-west Albania, a status that identifies cultural and natural sites of outstanding universal value. Situated on the Straits of Corfu, and surrounded by a picturesque lagoon, it is one of the most remarkable archaeological sites in the Adriatic Sea region.
Following twelve years of archaeological excavations and major investment in site management, the site and its museum make it an exceptionally attractive place to visit. A short ferry or hydrofoil trip from Corfu will bring you to the Albanian port of Saranda, from where you can reach Butrint, 20 km to south, by either bus or taxi.
The National Park was established in 2000 affording Butrint full protection within Albanian Law. The original 2,600 hectares of the park boundaries were in 2005 expanded to 8,591.2 hectares.
The area is protected and very attractive for tourist for its recreational views. Islands are a wonderful oasis of marine and terrestrial landscapes covered with typical Mediterranean vegetation. Under water sea we meet a very rich flora and fauna, where is worth mentioning phanerogam (Halophyla stipulacea) and bivalve ( Pinna nobilis ), species protected by the conventions to which Albania adheres. Lake Butrint has environmental problems, but it is important in particular for iktiofaunën / aquaculture and its avifauna, including Lake range (Bufi), which communicates to the east. Within the area are preserved typical Mediterranean forest spots like: ilex (Quercus ilicis), root (Q. robur), alder (Alnus glutinosa), Rob (Ulmus campestris), ash (Fraxinus angustifolia ), etc., class – ilicis Qurcio. Rich fauna especially in reptiles and insects , many species of which are protected species. Having within its borders ancient city of Butrint, subject to UNESCO, the park is a very attractive area for visitors and tourists. Its the most organized park in our country, has also management plan.
Source: www.butrint.org