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Fir of Drenova National Park

Fir of Drenova
The park is situated 10 kilometres from Korça, on the side of the Morava Mountain and has many attractive points including Bozdoveci, Guri i Capit, Cardhaku, etc. The Drenova National Park Forest is known as “Bredhi i Drenoves” (fir trees of Drenova).  The park has an particular importance on trans boundary exchanges of flora and fauna elements. It represents a key habitat and bio – corridor for large vertebrates, such as bear (Ursus arctos), wolf (Canis lupus), roe deer (Capreolus capreolus), a habitats variety: natural subalpine and alpine pastures, beech forest (Fagus syvaticus), pine (Pinus sp.), fir (Abies sp.) and hazelnut (Corrilus avellana). Also there can meet rare and sub endemic plants. It represents an area with attractive landscapes, with great potentials for a sustainable natural and cultural tourism development.
It has an area of 1,380 hectares, of which 750 hectares are covered by forests, 240 hectares of pastures, and the rest is rough country land. The area is largely frequented by visitors. The numerous natural springs with all-year drinkable water, such as those of Shën Gjergj, Plaka, Pllica, add to the attractiveness of the park.
Source: National Agency for Protected Areas