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Political System

Presidency Palace
Albania is a parliamentary republic. The current Constitution was adopted by referendum on 22 November 1998 and came into effect on 28 November 1998. It  replaced the interim Constitution in place following the abandonment of the Marxistinspired constitution in April 1991. The national legislative body, a unicameral Assembly, is comprised of 140 members elected by proportional representation from 12 regional lists. They all serve a four-year term. The president is the head of state and commander-in-chief of the army. The current President is Ilir Meta who was elected by the Parliament on  June 2017 for a five-year term. Executive power rests with the Government. Albania held a parliamentary election on 23 June 2013. The next elections are due in June 2017. The Socialist Party of Albania, with the majority of seats, and the Socialist Movement for Integration formed a coalition government on 15 September 2013. The current Prime Minister is Edi Rama. Under the new Law 115/2014 dated 31 July 2014 on the Administrative-Territorial Division of Local Government Units in the Republic of Albania, the country is divided into 61 municipalities grouped into 12 counties. The prefects are appointed by the Council of Ministers. Local elections are held every four years and, out of these, County Councils are elected. City mayors are directly elected by voters. The next local elections will be held in 2019