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Valbona National Valley

Valbona Valley

With an area of 8,000 hectares Valbona Valley National Park is the gem of Albanian Alps – Accursed Mountains. Valbona is the name of the river which flows throug the Valbona Valley and the village bearing the same name located in the Tropoja District of Northern Albania. The district of Valbona Valley, bordering Kosovo to the northeast and Montenegro to the northwest, in combination with the adjacent Theth district to the west, encompasses a region called the Malësi in Albanian, which translates roughly as “The Highlands”.  It is located 25-30 km to the north west of Bajram Curri town in Northern Albania and is adjacent to the Theth National Park. Valbona Valley lies between the rugged and remote and breathtaking mountain peaks and makes a festival of colors and contrasts. Its biodiversity makes it very important as a tourist attraction.

Valbona village is the focal point of the Valbona National Park. Its configuration, hydrology, forests, flowers, characteristic dwellings and the hospitality of its people make this park an ideal place to visit and invigorate. Rocky and steeply high peaks, such as Jezerce, Iron, Kollata (Podi of Kollatës), and Pecmarrës attract trackers and alpinists. Agricultural and livestock products or the Valbona Valley National Park and area are completely natural, and entirely organic. Food is generally fresh and homemade, but it is also sometimes processed and canned by the inhabitants of the tiny and remote villages. Stunning nature, clean air, high and characteristic mountain peaks, lakes, numerous water resources, forests, mountains, flora and fauna of Valbona Valley National Park provide conditions for true eco-tourism experiences.

Doing a trip in the fall, in the valley of Valbona, should prepare not only materially for what will take with you, but first of all spiritually, to face and enjoy emotional, beauty surprising this national north park Albania, which already is visited not only by foreigners but also by many Albanians, fed up with the sea and eager for adventure.

The area is also known for its characteristic regional cooking, with specialties such as mazjaflija (a many layered pancake-like dish cooked outdoors over open coals and steamed, often served with local honey), and pitja. Beyond Selimaj, the road continues through the valley with breathtaking vistas with rich colors of both spring life and of the snow that covers the nearby craggy peaks.

Valbona Valley  has been declared as national park in 1996

Source: parksdinarides.org